• LET'S GO!
      Directed by Ching-Po Wong
      Written by Tak-Kin Lai / Pak-Wing Yan

      Juno Mak
      Stephy Tang
      Gordon Lam
      Gary Chaw
      Wen Chao

      Release date(s) 2011/11/10
      Country Hong Kong
      Language Cantonese
    • AWARD


    An official homage to the 1980s Japanese superhero anime Space Emperor God Sigma, Wong Ching-po and Juno Mak’s second collaboration channels the stylistic excesses of Hong Kong’s noirish gangster epics to tell a most unassuming story: on love, friendship and an unwavering sense of righteousness. Ever since he lost his heroic father at a young age, Lee Siu-sheung (portrayed by Mak) has been leading a solitary life with his working-class mother (Pat Ha), with picking fights his main hobby and Big Bird (Hugo Won) – who innocently dreams of forming the crime-fighting, world-saving ‘Earth Guard’ with Siu-sheung – his best and only friend.
    With martial arts skills to spare, the young man looks to have finally found his purpose when he’s recruited by the security head Kwong Shing (Gordon Lam) to work for the Matsumoto Corporation, a crime syndicate-turned-business empire headed by Hon Yu (Wang Yu), whose daughter Annie (Stephy Tang) immediately shows her interest and makes Siu-sheung her personal bodyguard. When the veterans of Hon Yu’s security team turn to overthrow him through extreme measures, however, Siu-sheung is involuntarily sucked into the downward spiral, eventually losing an arm – and his best pal – in the resulting gangland mayhem.
    Would the ordinary folks in Siu-sheung’s public housing estate turn into extraordinary heroes? And could the overwhelming conviction of justice in superhero cartoons be replicated in real life? The message is simple: Let’s Go!

    “Let’s Go! promises dastardly villains, gorgeous babes, action, excitement and pure, unadulterated heroism” – Twitch
    “Like a sadistic daydream of a fan of the original superhero anime series” – Time Out Hong Kong
    “Let’s Go! should charm genre geeks with its abundant love of Japanese super heroes and other genre films… Wong Ching-Po’s best film” – Love HK

    Wong Ching-po
    Wong Ching-po was born in Hong Kong in 1973. After directing a number of shorts, he made his full-length debut with the independent film Fu Bo (2003). His feature films as director include Jiang Hu (2004), Ah Sou (2005), Revenge: A Love Story (2010) and Let’s Go! (2011).

    Juno Mak
    Juno Mak was born in Hong Kong in 1984. He began his career as a pop singer and gradually developed into a fashion icon and a mainstay of Hong Kong alternative genre films. After taking part in acting roles in Pang Ho-cheung’s Trivial Matters (2007) and Dream Home (2010), he took the leads in Wong Ching-po’s Revenge: A Love Story (2010) and Let’s Go! (2011). His upcoming film, Rigor Mortis, will be the actor/screenwriter’s directorial debut.

    Pat Ha
    Pat Ha was born in Hong Kong in 1963. She was regarded as a sex symbol of the Hong Kong New Wave period in the 1980s, starring in such films as Nomad (1982), An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty (1984) and My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985), among others. After a lengthy absence from the big screen since 1989, during which she took part in only one movie (2002’s Princess D), she returned to the film industry in 2011. Her recent appearances in feature films include Hi, Fidelity, The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake and Let’s Go! (all 2011).

    Stephy Tang
    Stephy Tang was born in Hong Kong in 1983. Formerly the lead singer of the Cantopop group Cookies, she made her film debut in Nine Girls and A Ghost (2002) and has since taken part in over two dozen features, including Feel 100% 2003 (2003), Dragon Loaded 2003 (2003), Dating Death (2004), My Sweetie (2004), Marriage with a Fool (2006), Love Is Not All Around (2007), In Love with the Dead (2007), L For Love, L For Lies (2008), La Lingerie (2008), Nobody’s Perfect (2008), Love Connected (2009), Poker King (2009) and Let’s Go! (2011).